• Celtic Renewables biobutanol whiskey fuel

    Electric cars may receive most of the attention within the realm of alternative propulsion methods, but liquid hydrocarbon fuels will be with us for many decades to come. The challenge then becomes how to reduce the carbon footprint of extracting, transporting, refining, and burning those fuels to reduce the damage they impose on the environment. That leads to biofuels, and an amusing development from Scotland called biobutanol, though the public may know its ingredients by a different name: whiskey. DON'T MISS: Alt-fuel history: Ford Model T wasn't designed for multiple fuels, really Celtic...

  • Molecule Model of Isobutanol
    Scientists Discover Microbes That Turn Newspaper Into Biofuel

    Tulane University researchers have discovered a strain of bacteria capable of producing butanol directly from cellulose, which could help pave the way towards using trash to produce biofuel.

  • 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid
    A Look At What's Cooking At Argonne National Laboratory

    A couple of weeks back, I received an invite to visit Argonne National Laboratory in suburban Chicago. The lab spends a fair amount of time on transportation research--up to 10 percent of what the lab does revolves around transportation--as it looks towards the future of fuels used to power the...

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