• Saab 9-3-based development mules for Turkish national car project

    NEVS has licensed the Saab 9-3 to the Turkish government, which plans to use it as the basis for a "national car."

  • 2009 Fisker Karma prototype
    New Owner Wants To Restart Fisker Karma Production, ASAP

    If all goes according to schedule, U.S. Bankruptcy Court Kevin Gross will rule today on whether the assets from bankrupt Fisker Automotive will be sold to Wanxiang, China's largest auto-parts maker. That company submitted the winning bid of $149 million for the remains of Fisker in an auction that...

  • 2012 Fisker Karma during road test, Los Angeles, Feb 2012
    Fisker Assets Sold For $149 Million To Wanxiang, Chinese Parts Maker

    The assets of bankrupt Fisker Automotive were sold to Wanxiang America at the close of an auction in Delaware bankruptcy court that lasted more than two days and lasted 19 rounds. Bloomberg reports that the Chinese company paid a total of $149.2 million for the company, or six times the price of...

  • 2012 Fisker Karma during road test, Los Angeles, Feb 2012
    Value Of Bankrupt Fisker Soars From $25 Million To $55 Million With New Bid

    Hybrid Technology Holdings raised its bid for Fisker Automotive, and announced plans to build cars in Delaware.

  • 2009 Fisker Karma prototype
    Bankruptcy Judge Orders Remains Of Fisker Auto To Be Auctioned

    After a last-minute bid by Chinese auto-parts giant Wanxiang, Fisker's remains will go to public auction.

  • 2012 Fisker Karma
    Fisker Finally Files For Bankruptcy, DoE Loan Sold For $25 Million

    It's the news we've been expecting for over a year now: Fisker Automotive filed late Friday afternoon for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The range-extended electric car company has lain dormant for months now, while a frenzy of activity behind the scenes tried to secure its future at the hands...

  • A123 Systems Prismatic Cell

    When battery maker A123 Systems went bankrupt, it seemed to be just one in a long line of failed energy startups--albeit one with some high-profile customers. Stalled battery production after A123's bankruptcy is considered one of the main catalyst's for Fisker's litany of struggles, while electric-car enthusiasts wondered what would happen to cars like the Chevrolet Spark EV, powered by A123 batteries. Now, are things different under Chinese ownership? If it ain't broke... The upturn in A123's fortunes started back in March when the bankrupt company was subject to bidding for its assets...

  • 2012 Fisker Karma
    Is What's Left Of Fisker Automotive Worth $25 Million? Maybe

    Hands up all those of you who'd forgotten that Fisker Automotive still exists? The company might not have produced a car in over a year, but the struggling firm is still yet to declare bankruptcy too, as it sits in some kind of automotive hibernation until an investor or buyer can be found. Fisker...

  • ECOtality DC fast charger  -  Portland, OR
    DoE Halted Ecotality Payments; 12,000 Charging Stations To Have Plugs Recalled

    Electric car charging network provider Ecotality announced Monday it had suspended trading due to "material adverse developments". The company, which sells charging equipment and runs the Blink network of charging stations, filed an 8-K report advising of several factors preventing it from meeting...

  • ECOtality Blink DC fast charger plugged in
    Ecotality Trading Suspended, Electric-Car Charging Network To Release News?

    Electric charging and technology company ECOtality has suspended trading, as what it calls "material adverse developments" see it struggling to meet expected operating losses. The company, which sells charging equipment and runs the Blink network of charging stations, filed an 8-K report this...

  • Better Place Battery Swap Station
    Better Place Lives On? 15 Battery-Swap Stations To Stay Open

    When companies like Tesla Motors start talking battery-swapping technology, you get the feeling Israeli firm Better Place just hit the market too soon. Although Better Place (BP) filed for bankruptcy back in May, some companies have shown an interest in keeping its battery-swapping stations...

  • Better Place Battery Swap Station
    Possible Savior For Better Place Electric-Car Network Emerges In Israel

    Battery-swapping Israeli-based electric car network Better Place might have found a buyer, following its bankruptcy filings last week. Solar entrepreneur Yosef Abramowitz hinted on his Facebook profile that his company had offered to assume Better Place's assets from the liquidator. He wrote on...

  • Facelifted 2013 Renault Fluence electric sedan

    That battery-swapping electric infrastructure firm Better Place filed for bankruptcy at the weekend won't come as a surprise to many. The firm has struggled to find customers and suffered several setbacks over the past year, including the ousting of its CEO and delayed rollout in other countries. For Better Place (BP) partner Renault though, the situation isn't as bleak as it might seem. Renault provided the cars used by BP, its Fluence Z.E. sedan the sole car compatible with BP's battery-swapping business model. According to Reuters though, the Better Place setback shouldn't have much effect...

  • 2012 Fisker Karma
    Wanxiang-VL Offer For Fisker Reported To Be Just $20 Million

    Yesterday we reported that two companies, VL Automotive and China's Wanxiang Group, had put in a bid for struggling automaker Fisker Automotive. It's now become clear just how little the ailing plug-in carmaker is worth to investors and buyers, with Reuters revealing the VL and Wanxiang bid...

  • VL-Automotive Destino
    Bob Lutz's VL Automotive Bidding For Ailing Fisker: Report

    Previously unknown brand VL Automotive surprised Detroit Auto Show goers earlier this year by unveiling the Destino--a V-8-powered luxury sedan based heavily on the Fisker Karma. Now, with Fisker Automotive circling the abyss, Bob Lutz-backed VL is reported to have bid for the ailing luxury...

  • 2012 Coda Sedan
    Electric-Car Startup Coda Automotive Files For Bankruptcy

    Coda Automotive has become the latest casualty of the cut-throat electric car industry, today filing for bankruptcy. The company will dissolve the carmaking business and instead put its efforts into Coda Energy, a stationary battery storage business it started in 2011. According to The Detroit...

  • Henrik Fisker
    Fisker Lays Off Most Of Its Employees; Is This The Final Blow?

    Newspapers keep in their files pre-written obituaries for people who are old, known to be ill, or famous. We have a feeling we should start dusting off the one we wrote awhile back for Fisker Automotive, which laid off the bulk of its remaining employees this morning at 8 am Pacific time. Numerous...

  • Henrik Fisker
    Is Fisker Automotive About To Declare Bankruptcy?

    Storm clouds continue to gather over troubled luxury electric-car startup Fisker Automotive. We reported on Thursday that Fisker had put its entire U.S. staff on a "temporary" furlough to conserve cash. Later that day, a Wall Street Journal article reported on what may be the logical next step...

  • 2012 Fisker Karma in Costco parking lot, Santa Monica, California [photo: Chris Williams]

    Last week, the Chinese company Wanxiang got U.S. government approval to buy bankrupt lithium-ion cell maker A123 Systems. With that underway, will China's largest auto-parts company now turn its sights toward one of A123's biggest customers, Fisker Automotive? That seemed to be the implication from a Reuters article last week. Wanxiang America Corp. President Pin Ni said it would be "in our interest" if his company could "help Fisker, any way we could," in a phone interview last Wednesday. That was as far as he went however, declining to comment on whether Wanxiang intended to make an offer...

  • A123 Systems Prismatic Cell
    Bankrupt Battery Maker A123 Systems Bought By Wanxiang

    A123 Systems, the bankrupt battery maker which supplies Fisker Automotive and others, has finally found a buyer. Chinese auto parts maker Wanxiang Group Corp. fought off a joint bid from U.S. parts company Johnson Controls Inc. and Japan's NEC Corp, with a bid of $256.6 million. Reuters reports...

  • Assembly of Think City electric cars, Elkhart, Indiana, Jan 2011
    Got A Think Electric Car And Need Warranty Work? Get It Now

    If you're one of the small but loyal band of Think electric car owners in the U.S. and need some warranty work, we suggest you act soon. Reports on the Think-Tank Facebook page for the car suggest the company hasn't found a buyer, and could be gone for good by the end of this year. User and former...

  • A123 Systems Prismatic Cell
    A123 Bankruptcy Auction Set For December 6th By Court

    Ailing battery firm A123 Systems, which supplies batteries to Fisker, BMW and GM among others, could soon have a new owner after Delaware courts have imposed a deadline for bids. Two companies vying for A123 and its assets are auto-parts maker Johnson Controls, and Chinese auto-parts maker Wanxiang...

  • Henrik Fisker
    Does A123 Bankruptcy Threaten Coup De Grace For Fisker?

    Fisker Automotive has had more than its share of trials and tribulations of late. Now, a new threat has emerged that holds the potential to harm the company severely, by cutting off its supply of lithium-ion battery packs. A123 Systems, its bankrupt battery supplier, wants to end the contract under...

  • 2013 Suzuki Kizashi
    Suzuki Stops Selling Cars In U.S.--What Does It Mean For You?

    After nearly a three-decade run in the United States market, Suzuki has decided to cease selling automobiles here to focus on its core markets in India and Southeast Asia. Those of us in the industry weren’t surprised by the announcement that American Suzuki Motor Corporation was filing for...

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