B-Class F-Cell

  • 'Invisible' Hydrogen B-Class F-Cell

    Every automaker goes to great lengths to promote their cars. Sometimes, the resulting publicity stunts are nothing short of genius. Other times they’re cringeworthy. But Mercedes’ latest publicity stunt is so visually stunning you might not see it at all. That’s because Mercedes has created an invisible fuel-cell car. As part of a one-week tour across Germany, visual effects specialists have covered once side of a B-Class F-Cell prototype car with flexible LED panels to form a giant screen. Then, on the opposite side of the car, a Canon 5D camera captures live images which...

  • Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-CELL
    Mercedes-Benz Buddies Up To Build More Hydrogen Fuel Stations

    There was a time when hydrogen powered cars were all the rage in green car circles. They either came with advanced fuel cell electric drivetrains, the most notable being the Honda FCX Clarity and more recent Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell, two models which regular customers could actually lease, or...

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