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VIDEO: Audi's Electrifying New Microsite Revives R8 EV Rumors

VIDEO: Audi's Electrifying New Microsite Revives R8 EV Rumors

In late May, we reported on rumors that an electric version of Audi's R8 supercar would be at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Nary a day later, Edmunds Inside Line crushed our hopesand put the rumors to rest, citing an Audi representative who refuted the blogosphere's claims. We're not ready to say "we... read more

September 2, 2009 by - 0
Peugeot 908 HDI at Le Mans 2009

Racing Goes Green As Diesels Romp At Le Mans

We were once told by an auto writer that "real car people" didn't want green cars. They wanted noise, and roaring engines, and squealing tires. Well, the triumph of... read more June 15, 2009 by 1

2009 Audi Q5

Audi Q5 Hybrid Back On

"We have to do hybrids in order to show people that we are able to do them," said Wolfgang Hatz, head of powertrain development for the Volkswagen Group, back in January at... read more June 11, 2009 by 1

Audi A3 TDI clean diesel - European model

First Drive: Audi A3 TDI Clean Diesel Hatchback

We like the idea of the 2009 Audi A3, a small, sporty five-door hatchback (Audi refers to it as a Sportback). It seems rather like the grownup big brother of the 2009... read more May 29, 2009 by 17

2010 Audi R8 Spy Shots

Factmill: Electric Audi R8 Concept Will Not Be At Frankfurt Motor Show

Contrary to blogosphere speculation, Edmunds has confirmed that there will be no electric Audi R8 at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. An Audi spokesperson who wished to... read more May 28, 2009 by 1


Audi A3 TwinDrive Hybrid Planned

As part of the same program that will develop an electric Volkswagen Golf, Audi is planning an A3 electric. The program, called VW TwinDrive, has not released any firm... read more May 6, 2009 by 0

2009 Audi Q5

Audi Q5 Hybrid On Schedule Release Expected in Late 2010

Audi, considered a holdout in hybrid powertrain technology, is on schedule to release a hybrid version of the Q5 Crossover vehicle in late 2010 or the ealry part of 2011... read more March 24, 2009 by 1

2009 Audi Q5

2011 Audi Q5 Hybrid Expected to Launch Next Year in the USA

Audi has previous considered entering the hybrid market, and now has finally confirmed it will officially to do aiming to bring a hybrid version of its luxury SUV the Q5 to... read more February 2, 2009 by 0

2009 Honda Fit

Small Cars: Is It the '80s All Over Again?

I'll admit--I'm no expert on the '80s, other than the occasional cable music channel marathon on the subject, but I can't help but notice a pattern between economic downturns... read more February 1, 2009 by 0


Audi Planning Eco-Friendly Car Lineup

Audi E2   While BMW's Mini E is garnering all sorts of attention Audi is quietly planning a full line of alternative fuel vehicles ranging from a tiny city car to a speedy... read more January 18, 2009 by 1


Audi Scraps Hybrid Plans for Now

Automaker Audi had previously announced intentions to build a hybrid version of the Q5. This would have been their first hybrid model. These plans have apparently been... read more December 16, 2008 by 0



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