• GreenCharge Electric Car iPhone App

    In case you hadn’t heard, smartphone apps are the number one accessory for any plug-in car owner. In fact, nearly every mainstream electric car on the market today has its own dedicated iOS, Android and Windows Mobile applications, designed to help you monitor your car’s charge level, remotely start cabin preconditioning, and even plan your next journey. Now an independent software company has developed a third-party application for Apple’s iOS which gives owners of the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt a new way of keeping track of their car’s state of charge, driving...

  • 2011 Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5
    Tesla Roadster Owners Soon To Get iPhone App Thanks To Tech-Savvy Fans

    Nearly every electric car on the market today comes with technology that enables you to remotely start its charging cycle, pre-cool the cabin, or check its state of charge using a smart phone or computer. But while owners of the $109,000 Tesla Roadster aren’t among those who had smart-phone...

  • BMW EVolve iPhone App
    Are You Electric Car Ready? BMW’s New App Helps You Decide

    You may recall earlier this year we wrote about an iPhone app designed to help prospective electric car buyers figure out just how big a battery pack their new electric car should have. Allowing full customization of technical parameters such as drag coefficient and vehicle weight, iEV was also a...

  • GM logo, with cash
    GM Launches Venture Arm To Keep Up With Automotive Tech

    Cars are quickly become the new connected devices. Equipped with voice-command, streaming media centers, navigation displays and more, the newest line of vehicles out of major automakers are borrowing more from computers, the web and mobile technology than ever before. Now, riding this wave of...

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