A federally subsidized EV charging network is starting to take form, and we look at some of the requirements. The Lightyear One is now the Lightyear 0 on the way to production. And Tesla’s Autopilot features are now a step away from a potential federal safety recall. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

The production version of the Lightyear One solar car has been revealed, and it’s called the Lightyear 0. With a 22-mile commute, the company suggests owners in sunny climates and summer months might go months without plugging in. Although other markets might be in the future—including a Lightyear 2—the Finland-built Lightyear 0 is due for an initial model-year run of just 150 cars, for Europe only. 

The federal government has provided more detail about the national EV charging network due to be funded by the infrastructure law passed late last year. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) guidance lays out some minimums, including four 150-kw DC fast-charging connectors per station, every 50 miles—with some pricing and accessibility requirements, too. 

And on Thursday the federal government upgraded its safety probe of Tesla vehicles, as it investigates why Tesla vehicles strike emergency response vehicles so often with Autopilot features engaged or very recently engaged. The Engineering Analysis now spans 2014-2022 Tesla Model Y, Mode 3, Model S, and Model X vehicles—a pool of 830,000 U.S. Tesla vehicles that might potentially be recalled for some kind of over-the-air fix. 


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