Rivian reveals some technology news and lowers its production plans. Ford and PG&E aim to study how the Lightning electric truck could support the grid. And Toyota’s driver-assist system debuts for the brand in the Mirai. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

As part of a quarterly business update, Rivian revealed that due to supply constraints it’s halving its expected 2022 production, to just 25,000 trucks. Its reservations currently stand at about 83,000. But the bigger news was in the product arena: Rivian specified that the upcoming Standard battery pack will include cheaper LFP cells. It’s also working on an 800V upgrade, heat pump tech, and its own cells. 

Toyota’s Teammate driver-assistance system is available this month for the first time in the brand’s U.S. lineup—in the 2022 Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell sedan. It bumps the bottom-line price of the tech flagship to $72,195. 

Ford and PG&E have formed a partnership that will examine the potential role of the upcoming F-150 Lightning in adding resiliency to the grid. The Lightning will be available this spring with intelligent backup power for the home, so this would be adding a layer of functionality for the utility to consider in the future. 


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