The Volkswagen ID.4 will soon get Plug and Charge capability in the United States, and may get bidirectional charging as well.

VW confirmed both features for the European market in a press release earlier this month. A Volkswagen of America spokesperson confirmed to Green Car Reports that Plug and Charge will be added with the first over-the-air software update for the ID.4 in the U.S., but did not confirm a timeline.

Plug and Charge allows drivers to initiate a charging session by simply plugging in. It automatically bills a synced account, letting drivers avoid fussing with apps or touchscreens at the charging station.

Volkswagen ID.4 at Electrify America, Hazel Dell WA

Volkswagen ID.4 at Electrify America, Hazel Dell WA

We called the lack of this feature one of our misses for the ID.4 when we drove it this past year. We found it surprising that the mass-market launch EV from VW isn't compatible with Plug and Charge, considering that the tech is built into the automaker's Electrify America charging network.

It's unclear if bidirectional charging will be available in the U.S., but VW's announcement confirms an earlier report that it would be available in at least some markets in 2022. VW has been testing hardware that could be offered as part of a home-energy system, potentially allowing EVs to serve as energy-storage units for homes.

Range for the ID.4 has mostly met expectations. We test drove a rear-wheel-drive 1st Edition model earlier this year, and felt its EPA-rated 250-mile range would be easily achievable in real-world conditions. The base rear-wheel-drive ID.4 Pro adds another 10 miles, for 260 miles of EPA-rated range.