Hyundai plans to host a "global forum" called Hydrogen Wave on September 7, with the goal of showcasing next-generation fuel-cell systems, and promoting different uses for fuel-cell tech.

The online event will present Hyundai's "vision for a future hydrogen society," according to a company press release. Hyundai said it will showcase fuel-cell vehicles, as well as other applications for fuel-cell tech.

Three short teaser videos provided hints of what the reveals might be. One showed a car lapping a racetrack in the black-and-white camouflage typical of auto-industry prototypes. The second showed what appeared to be a fuel-cell truck, and the third seemed to focus on hydrogen distribution. It's another manifestation of Hyundai's eagerness to find uses for fuel cells beyond passenger cars.


Teaser for Hyundai Hydrogen Wave event

Teaser for Hyundai Hydrogen Wave event

Hyundai has been a strong advocate of a future hydrogen economy, and it launched an HTWO fuel-cell brand last December, and this event is likely going to expand on what exactly that means.

We do know that Hyundai plans to test fuel-cell semi trucks in California. Last month, the automaker announced a 12-month pilot program using two trucks, which will be followed by the rollout of a 30-truck fleet in the second quarter of 2023.

To distribute hydrogen, Hyundai is also considering ideas that use existing infrastructure, like transporting hydrogen in oil.

However, Hyundai's only fuel-cell passenger vehicle is the Nexo crossover SUV, which is only available through a handful of California dealerships. Lack of infrastructure has proven challenging for the Nexo and other fuel-cell cars, and that provides more incentive for Hyundai to find other uses for fuel cells.