Europe’s market for EVs has surged in 2020. A battery startup has some ambitious targets—and aims for a Gigafactory. And will California’s ban on gas cars have an effect on ethanol farmers? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

A new report from the advocacy group Transport & Environment finds that electric vehicles will likely triple their market share in Europe in 2020, to about 10%—and reach 15% of the market in 2021. But it notes that progress is not being made evenly across automakers.

A Slovakia-based battery startup called InoBat, which includes former Aston Martin and Nissan executive Andy Palmer, aims to start producing AI-informed batteries in 2021, boost EV range 20% by 2023, and build a Gigafactory by 2025. 

Farmers in Iowa and corn-producing states are concerned that California’s recent ban on gasoline-vehicle sales by 2035 will affect ethanol demand. Both campaigns appear eager to step up and assure them that ethanol still has a place. 

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