Charging infrastructure won’t be unaffected by the downturn, a report predicts. Automakers are seeking a break related to ethanol in gasoline. And a most unusual EV can go narrow or wide depending on the handling needs. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

The downturn will definitely have some effect on charger installations—for both public stations and home charge points. A report released this week predicts that the U.S. will trail Europe and China on charging infrastructure through the decade, but it will catch up with Europe by 2030. 

An electric-vehicle project from Poland, called Triggo, would potentially be the first vehicle both to be able to lean into corners and, on the go, make its track wider for stability or narrower for alleys or potential lane-splitting. 

Automakers are allegedly trying to sneak in another regulatory break on their fleet fuel economy and emissions. It’s so wonky, it falls into the “is anybody going to notice” margins, and we’re glad somebody did. 

And over at our partner site Motor Authority, check out the latest round of spy shots of the production-bound electric vehicle previewed by the fantastic Hyundai 45 concept from last year. 


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