Porsche says Tesla isn’t a rival. Mercedes-Benz is ramping up its family of plug-in hybrids. And the range, gas mileage, and performance for the latest BMW 3-Series plug-in hybrid sport sedan could add up to narrow appeal for spec-smart shoppers. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

The latest version of the BMW 3-Series plug-in hybrid has been rated for electric range and gas mileage; while it’s improved in many respects, its mpg numbers are actually lower than those for the non-hybrid. 

Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz is giving plug-in hybrids a big push—noting that there will be 20 of them in its global lineup by the end of this year. Although it sees them as a “key bridging technology” to fully electric, it’s only choosing to bring a select few of those to the U.S.

As Porsche embarks on a particularly ambitious push to go fully electric with several of its models, its research and development chief, in a recent interview, said that Porsche doesn’t see Tesla as a rival

And over at partner site Motor Authority: The self-driving car startup Zoox has settled a lawsuit with Tesla over stolen information from the California automaker.


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