Goodyear demonstrates a very green way to make tires last longer. Electrify America offers 100 places to charge your car in California. And Honda has confirmed that its one EV for the U.S. market has been discontinued. This and more, today at Green Car Reports. 

Honda has confirmed that the Clarity Electric has been discontinued for 2020 and won’t be coming back. That leaves the brand with no EV in its U.S. lineup. 

Goodyear has one of the most intriguing green-tire concepts we’ve seen. It involves capsules of customized tire compound that help effectively regenerate the tread as you drive. 

Electrify America has opened its 100th charging station in the state of California. That includes a mix of Level 2 charging stations and DC fast charging.

The upcoming, long-awaited 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV will have more space, one-pedal driving, and GM's Super Cruise, but it won't have all-wheel drive.

And in a video accompanying GM’s announcements last week detailing the foundation of its upcoming electric cars, the automaker hinted that it might even be considering an electric Chevy Camaro


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