The luxury brand Lexus plans to electrify its whole lineup. Fiat commits to producing a new electric Fiat 500. Volvo plans a performance version of its new Polestar 2. And readers weigh in on how much self-driving cars could be worth to them in our latest Twitter poll. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Lexus has followed the lead of its parent company Toyota and has been a laggard in developing electric cars. But a new report shows Lexus has wide-ranging plans for EVs, including developing a new platform dedicated for electric cars, a promise to "electrify" its entire lineup, and efforts to develop in-wheel motors for future electric models.

After showing a new, larger, customizable concept for a small electric car at the Geneva auto show, Fiat announced it has plans to build 80,000 electric city cars at its main factory in Mirafiori, Italy, starting in 2020.

Volvo plans to offer a performance package for its upcoming Polestar 2 electric car, which is due next year and could be the closest rival yet to the Tesla Model 3.

And after a series of tweets by Tesla CEO Elon Musk indicating that he plans to raise the price of the company's Full-Self Driving Capability option—and that self-driving cars should be worth multiples of the price of a standard car—we asked our readers to let us know whether they'd pay that much. The results are in.

The 2020 Honda Insight hybrid will cost buyers a little more than 2019 models did.

Finally, one dad goes to extremes to give his son an exotic car for his birthday—with a 3D printer.


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