A longtime reader and plug-in car owner lays out an effective roadmap for going solar. Tesla and Electrify America reach an agreement to install Tesla stationary battery storage at some EA DC fast-charge stations. Mercedes-Benz joins the ranks of automakers whose diesel engines are involved in a class-action lawsuit. And Green Car Reports has seen much change in 10 years. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

For those who own or are thinking about buying a plug-in car, government incentives make now a good time to consider adding a home solar installation to charge it. One experienced reader lays out a roadmap to eliminating bills for fuel.

Tesla and Electrify America run competing EV charging networks, but that doesn't mean they can't work together. Electrify America announced that it will buy 100 stationary Tesla Powerpack batteries to install at its high-powered DC fast charge stations to reduce demand for peak electricity.

Add Mercedes-Benz to the list of automakers who have faced or are facing class-action lawsuits over cheating emissions tests with their diesel engines. After Volkswagen famously settled its diesel-scandal charges by buying back hundreds of thousands of cars and paying out tens of billions of dollars, Fiat Chrysler settled a similar (but smaller) suit last month. Now a federal judge in New Jersey has authorized a similar class-action suit to proceed against Mercedes over its Bluetec diesel cars and SUVs.

Green Car Reports celebrates our tenth anniversary with a brief look at the progress plug-in cars have made since 2009.

Mercedes revealed updates to its V-Class van—known as the Metris in the U.S.—and announced plans to reveal an electric version at the Geneva auto show coming up in March.

Finally, the family of a woman killed by a self-driving Uber car testing in Arizona last March, has sued the city of Tempe for $10 million over the accident.


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