For the first time, values on used electric cars have begun to recover. Hyundai delivered its first hydrogen fuel-cell Nexo to a customer in Southern California. And our readers tell us what their electric priorities are for 2019. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Tesla Model 3 buyers look to be more price sensitive than those who have bought Teslas before. Even after a $2,000 price cut designed to offset the loss of half of the tax credit to the company's buyers this year, the base price on the Model 3 is still $9,000 more than the $35,000 car that many buyers have put down deposits for.

Hyundai delivered its first Nexo hydrogen fuel cell SUV to a buyer in Ventura, California—complete with three years worth of hydrogen fuel baked into the price. 

A parachute may have deployed on free-falling values of used electric cars for the first time, giving hope that depreciation may soon not be one of the major concerns for electric-car buyers.

Results are in from our Twitter poll last week, which asked readers what they most hoped for in electric cars for 2019, new models from Tesla and Chevrolet, better access to charging, or lower costs.

Finally, Audi released a video taking viewers behind the scenes in the development of its new e-tron quattro electric SUV.


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