Today, we look at the tipping point for electric cars, which executives from VW and ChargePoint say is already here, and whether it has come soon enough to save the planet's climate. We also check in on Mazda's electric-car plans. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

While many in the traditional car industry say it will be decades before consumers adopt electric cars en masse, Volkswagen's new CEO in the U.S. says consumers have already switched from skepticism to interest in electric cars and fear of missing out on the latest trend. That could be just the push electric cars have needed.

The CEO of the largest charging network in the U.S. agrees. ChargePoint just raised an additional $240 million toward its goal of installing enough chargers worldwide to juice 2.5 million electric cars.

A measure of the depth of any technological shift is when the last holdouts begin to adopt the new technology. In that regard, Mazda has revealed some insights into its upcoming electric car plans.

Unfortunately, the changes may come too late, according to the latest climate report. Even under the most optimistic conditions, according to a report by an energy-industry consultancy, shifting to electric cars and renewable power won't be enough to keep climate change within international guidelines.

In a tweet Monday, President Trump announced that China will reduce the 40 percent tariff it imposes on American-made cars imported to the country. The move could reduce the price of Teslas in China, for example, by as much as 20 percent, and could allow automakers with U.S. factories, such as BMW, to build electric cars here for the Chinese market.

Finally, Audi is likely to sell a compact electric car based on Volkswagen's MEB architecture that underpins its upcoming line of affordable electric cars, according to European reports. 


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