Public charging networks are booming.

Even if it often seems to electric car drivers like there aren't enough public chargers to go around. massive new charging network companies are coming online, existing networks are expanding, and all are planning on installing a new wave of ultra-fast electric-car chargers.

In September, Chargepoint announced plans to build enough public chargers to juice 2.5 million electric cars by 2025.

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Last week, Electrify America released its plans to start the second phase of its network of public chargers, adding more cities and highway routes and focusing on rural areas and disadvantaged populations.

Tesla has also launched a rapid expansion of its own Supercharger network.

That led us to wonder what priorities our electric-car driving Twitter followers would set for new public charger deployments.

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Our Twitter poll for this week asks: "Where would you most like to see more public chargers installed?"

It's worth noting that we're not focusing on Tesla's Superchargers, because the Supercharger network is already well established and functional for most Tesla drivers.

Instead, we're focusing on other charging networks that serve all kinds of electric cars, not just a single brand.

Possible choices include the primary places the charging networks we've talked to have been installing them:

- City centers, which could include more cities, or denser urban areas where apartments and co-ops outnumber single-family homes and where adding chargers has been difficult.

- Vacation routes. Similar to Tesla's initial Supercharger network, the idea is to allow electric cars to drive more places, between cities and destinations. 

- Rural areas where chargers are often sparse, whether for drivers passing through or residents who might like to buy an electric car.

- And the ubiquitous shopping centers. Even as charging networks target more types of underserved areas, the main locations for new chargers so far seem to be at malls, strip malls, and other places where consumers spend time, to ensure they have something to do when charging.

As always, remember that our polls are unscientific, because they don't get enough responses for a nationally representative sample, and because our respondents are self-selected.

Still, if anybody knows where more chargers would be helpful, it should be our cast of electric car drivers.