Long road trips consistently has been a concern for electric-car owners.

With barely 80 miles of range, and a sparse network of public charging stations—much less fast-charging stations—long trips in early electric cars was a challenge.

Now, with longer range cars and more public fast charging stations coming online, longer trips are becoming easier and feasible for more electric-car owners.

That led us to wonder how many of our followers have made a long trips, especially with summer travel season in full swing. So we've created our latest Twitter poll to give our readers an opportunity to answer the question: "What's the longest trip you've taken in your electric car?"

Long trips may be no challenge for our readers who own Teslas, with 1,261 Supercharger locations around North America with more than 10,000 individual Superchargers. Tesla's network has been built with the range of its cars in mind.

What we're more interested in is stories from our readers of long trips in electric cars other than Teslas, to gauge the practicality of other public and fast charging networks to help other electric-car owners get away from their home base.

Some readers, like John Briggs with his Toyota Prius Prime, may also have a second vehicle that they use for longer trips.

Since some readers may have bought a short-range electric cars specifically for commuting or short trips, we've included an option for trips shorter than 100 miles. Longer range cars such as small-battery Teslas or the Chevy Bolt EV may still stick within the range of their batteries every day, or about 200 miles. Some drivers may find trips with a single fast-charging stop pretty simple, leading us to suggest an option of less than 500 miles. Farther than that, and studies show that even most gas-car drivers will usually fly instead. Still, those long drives make the most interesting road trips, so we'd love to hear about them.

So click on over to our Twitter poll and tell us about your longest trip.

As always, remember that our Twitter polls are not scientific, because respondents are self-selected, and our sample size is low. Still, we always love to hear our readers' experiences.