Today, we've got the first of a few articles from a Ford press event on its future lineup. Also, more info on Tesla Model 3 quality problems, why electric cars are key to China's battle against smog, and another Twitter poll. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Now that utility vehicles and SUVs of all sizes are surging in demand, what segments do you expect to see the most success for electric cars? Take our new Twitter poll to weigh in.

The future of electric cars globally may depend on China's intense battle to control dangerous air pollution.

Volkswagen said its profits would be hurt by the combined costs of meeting stricter EU goals on carbon emissions, new real-world exhaust-emission testing, investing in electric cars, and continuing to deal with its diesel emission scandal.

Elon Musk said the Tesla Model 3 has been in "production hell," and that apparently includes high percentages of defective parts requiring rework, according to Tesla employees interviewed by CNBC.

Ford pulled back the covers a bit to talk about its future, which includes hybrids for most of its growing lineup of utility vehicles and a boast about surpassing Toyota.

Did you know traffic lights can now talk to your car? If, that is, you're in one of six U.S. cities, and your car is a new Audi with vehicle-to-infrastructure communication built in.

Finally, how about a tire that actually removes pollution from the air as it rolls? That would be Goodyear's Oxygene concept tire, with living moss in the sidewalls. Hmmmmmm....