Today, European electric-car sales, another proposed ban on sales of cars with engines, a new battery-pack cooling approach, and a relocated future Ford electric model. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

We've resumed our monthly European plug-in electric car sales report, and there's a new runner-up after the usual winner.

A bill to ban sales of new cars with combustion engines in California by 2040 will be introduced in the state legislature next month.

Several large global companies have kicked off the EV100 pledge to use electric vehicles and make it easier for suppliers and customers to do the same.

An interesting new approach to cooling electric-car battery packs immerses the cells directly in coolant; will it catch on?

Ford plans to build its electric SUV in Mexico, rather than in Michigan as it had announced earlier.

Finally, Uber's list of most-visited destinations this year contains some surprises, including stadiums and college bars.


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