The museum at the Environmental Protection Agency may soon be in for an overhaul to reflect the agenda of the Trump administration.

It's no secret Scott Pruitt, current EPA administrator and climate-science denier, has worked to deregulate many of the agency's regulatory efforts to promote fossil fuels.

That's part of Trump's campaign promise to "bring back jobs" associated with a fuel rapidly declining in global importance: coal.

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The EPA museum, according to The Washington Post, may ditch its current display on the science behind the causes and effects of climate change.

A new one that covers the fossil fuel may take its place, although a debate has broken out over what will become of the panels and displays that no longer reflect the current administration's agenda.

However, the report suggests, the museum's potential reworking was not a priority of any Trump administration or current EPA official.

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt [photo from 2014]

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt [photo from 2014]

Rather, some of the staff members who opened the museum under the Obama administration informed the Trump administration about the displays and current setup.

“I wanted to make sure that they knew [the display] existed,” said Nancy Grantham, a career public affairs employee at EPA.

“I don’t like to be surprised, and I assume others don’t like to be, either,” she added.

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A handful of the displays and current literature are clearly at odds with the Trump administration and EPA's current state.

For example, themed Dr. Seuss posters refer to global warming, and a panel is dedicated to the agency's 2009 "endangerment finding," which determined the agency was legally obligated to control emissions of greenhouse gases.

The Paris Agreement signed last year by President Obama also has a prominent display in the museum. President Trump withdrew the U.S. from the agreement earlier this year, despite many domestic and international calls for the country to remain in the climate pact.

Coal, by Flicker user oatsy40 (Used Under CC License)

Coal, by Flicker user oatsy40 (Used Under CC License)

No final decisions have been made over what content will stay in the EPA's little museum, or what may ultimately be taken down, but a makeshift display has already changed the tone.

EPA officials have added a large whiteboard to highlight the agency's "Back to Basics" agenda, including a photo of new administrator Pruitt shaking hands with coal miners in Pennsylvania.

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Another career staffer at the museum said the climate-change displays are indeed slated to be ousted, with a coal display to be put in their place.

Money to cover any such alterations would have be committed by September 30 for the new fiscal year, which begins on October 1.

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