Today, uncertainty over EPA emission testing, GM's electric-car goal, concern over the fate of more capable start-stop systems, and a 5-minute battery recharge? All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Romania has doubled its electric-car purchase incentives; they're now more than $10,000 for a new car.

Someday, one carmaker will sell affordable electric cars in volume, at a profit, and GM wants to be that company.

The proposed Trump budget leaves the fate of the EPA's fabled test lab in Ann Arbor, Michigan, very much up in the air.

Weakening the EPA's vehicle-emission rules could hurt a new generation of enhanced start-stop systems, say the suppliers that sell those systems to carmakers.

An Israeli firm called StoreDot claims it's invented a battery cell that recharges in just 5 minutes, and it recently showed it off (more or less).

Once cars that can communicate with road and traffic infrastructure hit the roads, who will pay to retrofit the highways, intersections, and traffic lights to do so?

Finally, Google's Waymo units for self-driving cars is joining forces with Lyft (part-owned by GM) to battle competitor Uber's plans for autonomous shared vehicles.


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