If you haven't placed your order for a Tesla Model 3, the electric car builder now says that your request won't be fulfilled until the middle of 2018.

That's at least a few month delay over the "late 2017" figure for new orders that the automaker had been quoting on its website until just a couple of days ago.

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But don't look at this date change as a production delay. Instead, it's a reaction to the fact that it has taken more than 400,000 deposits for its new electric sedan. 

Tesla told CNBC that Model 3 production is still set to begin in mid-2017 and that its first deliveries for orders already taken will be made by the end of that year.

That's still at least a year away, however, so there's no guarantee that Tesla won't adjust or refine that figure.

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One thing we don't know yet is how much the new Chevrolet Bolt EV, which is due in dealers by the end of the year, is affecting Model 3 orders.

A second-generation Nissan Leaf is due around the same time as the Model 3, too, although the Japanese automaker has remained tight-lipped about its plans for a follow up to the first truly mass-market modern electric car.


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