Tesla's Autopilot is scrutinized by more humans, Volkswagen will fund programs to literally (and figuratively) clear the air, the Clarity is clear enough to see—and more on Green Car Reports.

Consumer Reports took Tesla to task saying its Autopilot feature was "too much, too soon" for the autonomous driving assistant. That may not be the harshest thing Tesla will hear on it, however. The automaker will be grilled by federal regulators over how quickly it disclosed a fatal crash.

Here's where some of that $2.7 billion paid by Volkswagen to fund clean-air programs will go.

We clear up what the 2017 Honda Clarity will be—and how much it'll probably cost.

Chrysler announced that its maligned Dodge Dart will take the proverbial dirt nap in September. RIP 40 mpg Dodge.

NHTSA said it's investigating a fatal crash that killed a man in a Tesla, reportedly using the automaker's Autopilot driving assistant. Tesla says it's not so sure the man was using Autopilot.

Our fine friends over at Motor Authority have a peek at the next generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class. Don't hold your breath for a version in the States.

Finally, The Car Connection reports that GM may have a lot more ignition-switch lawsuits back on the books.

Happy Friday, folks!


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