A possible new Tesla battery, the world's only hybrid Pontiac Firebird, and plug-in electric car sales in Canada. All this and more today on Green Car Reports.

A notorious software hacker may have uncovered a future battery upgrade for the Tesla Model S electric car. What would you think of a P100D version?

What car would you like to make a lot greener? One Firebird owner is putting in a Prius V powertrain, and a whole lot more of the hybrid too.

Following the Paris climate summit, the U.S. government's advanced-research projects agency says it's making good progress on batteries for energy storage.

If you've ever seen a Borgward on the road, you may well be over 50. Now a Chinese company is reviving the German marque with plug-in hybrid SUVs.

How did plug-in electric car sales do in Canada last month, and which car did best? We've got the data for you.

Nissan released a video suggesting a future in which your electric car is a fuel station. Watch it and see what you think.

We ran down all our stories from last week, including our coverage from the Geneva Motor Show, on Saturday morning. Check it all out.

We also updated an earlier article to note that VW's annual meeting has finally been scheduled for June 28. Due to the Volkswagen #DieselGate cheating candal, it's likely to be contentious.

A new public-awareness campaign teaches drivers about their cars's safety features. There are many more than most drivers realize.

Finally, today is the 100th anniversary of the incorporation of the car company we know as BMW. To celebrate, the Bavarian maker is showing an autonomous concept car--and it's electric, of course.


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