Tesla electric cars are always a big topic here, and today we've got some more thoughts on their reliability. And Nissan set some ambitious goals for its own electric cars.

But while VW says there's no defeat software in its latest diesels, that won't help the company in the U.S. All this and more today on Green Car Reports.

Two days ago, Consumer Reports un-recommended the Tesla Model S due to its lack of reliability.

Today, we have a slightly different angle to their data: What if the newest Tesla buyers are just pickier than the earliest adopters? Read it.

What lengths would you go to in order to keep your pizza hot? Domino's and GM re-engineered a Chevy Spark minicar; it'll cost $25K.

At least in the U.K., younger car buyers expect their first car to be electric. We're not sure if that applies in North America, though.

Turns out the newest VW diesel engines has no "defeat" software--but that still doesn't get Volkswagen off the hook in the U.S.

A Nissan executive said this week that a "breakthrough battery" for electric cars would make them 10 percent of its sales around 2020. Do you believe him?

We've always liked Volvo's smaller, more fuel-efficient DriveE four-cylinder engines; now it's adding them to more cars in its lineup.

And, there's a new 2016 MINI Cooper Convertible. No surprise--it was expected--but it's still cute and, we're betting, just as fun to drive.

Finally, it shouldn't come as any surprise, but AAA confirms it: Even hands-free phones distract drivers--and so do new and more complicated infotainment systems in cars.

Enjoy your weekend!


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