Today we've got news about the proposed DeltaWing road car, an owner's claim of driving a Tesla Model S free for 18 months, and the ancestor of the upcoming Chrysler plug-in hybrid minivan. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Can you really drive a Tesla Model S electric car free for 18 months? That's what one owner claims to have done.

Forbidden fruit is closer than you think. Check out the Canadian-market small cars U.S. buyers can't have.

Electric cars could slash U.K. oil imports 40 percent in 15 years, a new study says.

DeltaWing hopes to build a production car based on its radical racer that will boast 57 mpg combined.

If you live in British Columbia and want to buy an electric car, you're in luck. The Canadian province is bringing back its electric car purchase rebates.

You may have heard about the upcoming Chrysler plug-in hybrid minivan, but did you know it has an ancestor?

Nearly half of all U.S. drivers are over 50. Is that good news, or bad news?

Finally, spy shots of the 2016 MINI John Cooper Works Clubman show that the proliferation of MINI variants is continuing.


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