Today on Green Car Reports: Chrysler announces plans for mild-hybrid powertrains, a pricey Tesla Model S rental, and GM announces pricing for the natural-gas powered 2015 bi-fuel Chevrolet Impala. All this and more on Green Car Reports

Want to rent a Tesla Model S P85? It'll cost you $900... a day.

The natural-gas powered 2015 bi-fuel Chevrolet Impala is priced from $38,210.

China faces the old "chicken and egg" dilemma when it comes to electric-car adoption. The government is leaning on automakers to produce electric cars, but infrastructure lags.

See why the latest green-car growth segment could be micro hybrids.

A new Lexus ad not only sneers at plug-in cars, but gets a major charging fact wrong. Cue the Internet rage.

Following yesterday's plug-in hybrid announcement, Chrysler said it will incorporate mild hybrids into many future powertrains, but claims electric cars have been "overblown by the media."

The 2015 GMC Canyon midsize pickup truck flips its headrest for car-seat safety.

Glow in the dark roads look pretty cool, until they get wet.


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