The Insight may be Honda's flagship hybrid model, but that hasn't stopped the Japanese automaker from putting it out of its misery recently, with no replacement on the horizon.

Luckily, another Honda hybrid is doing rather better--with demand actually outstripping current supply.

According to Wards Auto, Honda currently has a waiting list on its Accord Hybrid--based on online reviews and a small online marketing push alone.

Lack of inventory precludes any greater marketing push on the car. Inventory-limited sales are therefore modest in the U.S--2,414 cars between October 2013 and February this year--but Honda sold 6,000 units in its first three months in Japan.

It's been frustrating for potential buyers, who've had to put up with low supply for several months now.

Back in November, we spoke to several readers who had experienced difficulties getting their hands on a car after test drives.

Honda told us that Honda was prioritizing its home market over the U.S. In addition, supply of the required electronic components, such as batteries and motors, has also been slow.

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Despite these issues, the Accord Hybrid itself has proved popular with both owners and the press.

In November, we awarded the car our coveted Best Car To Buy title--fending off the Chevrolet Spark EV, the Chevy Cruze Diesel and even BMW's i3 electric car.

Its style, comfortable and quiet drive and real-world 40-52 mpg economy cemented its top spot--the latter in particular an improvement over its closest competitors.

It's just a pity the car is so hard to get hold of.

If you really want one, we suggest you make friends with your dealer and make sure you're in frequent touch with them--and don't expect to get much off the sticker price...


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