Today on Green Car Reports: We're debunking even more myths about green cars, car-builder Saleen has said its first performance electric car will be based on Tesla's Model S, and VW has announced its plug-in hybrid Golf will carry the sporty GTE badge. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Saleen said it wants to build a tuned electric car. What better starting point than a Tesla Model S?

First GTI, then GTD, now GTE - Volkswagen's plug-in hybrid Golf will emphasize sportiness with that GT-themed badging.

Which state has the highest percentage of electric cars? It probably isn't the one you'd expect.

There are so many myths about green vehicles it's hard to count. But we've been debunking five more myths to add to our earlier list.

What would you race your Tesla Model S against? A Corvette, perhaps? Or maybe a fairer match (for the Corvette...), another Model S?

What sort of gas mileage did we get in the Jeep Cherokee with the V-6? You can find out here.

Here's a run-down of the good, the bad and the "meh" of Super Bowl 2014 adverts. Get those beers in!

And finally, what do you get if you cross a Toyota Prius and the sporty Toyota MR2 roadster? Find out here...


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