Today on Green Car Reports: Tesla's Model S keeps its top-rated safety scores, readers berate us for writing about pickup trucks, and carsharing faces questions about whether it's a real business. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

Are Tesla Motors and Ford going to battle over the Model E trademark? Could be ...

Want an electric bicycle with that custom cruiser look? A Spanish company is happy to help.

After a bit of surprisingly angry reader reaction to an earlier article, we explain why Green Car Reports writes about pickup trucks.

A Chinese company has a vending machine that dispenses electric cars.

Carsharing is getting popular quickly, but popularity may not be followed by profits.

The NHTSA kept across-the-board 5-star safety ratings unchanged for the Tesla Model S.

Finally, the average car on U.S. roads continues to age; it's now more than 11 years old--which means the next one will be more fuel-efficient.


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