It's a frequently asked question: Will the 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV be sold where I live?

(Assuming you don't already live in California or Oregon, where the subcompact electric car has been on sale since June--or South Korea, where it's made.)

General Motors had earlier announced that sales of the Spark EV would expand to Europe, and also to Canada.

Checking in on that promise with Randy Fox of GM Communications, we find the plan has changed.

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"In Canada, Spark EV has been available since this summer [as] a fleet vehicle only," Fox told Green Car Reports.

"It is eligible for provincial electric-car incentives in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia."

2014 Chevrolet Spark EV - First Drive, Portland, July 2013

2014 Chevrolet Spark EV - First Drive, Portland, July 2013

And as for Europe, where the company is working to grow its Chevrolet brand as a less expensive volume alternative to the German Opel lineup?

"We have decided to defer the launch of the Spark EV in Europe," Fox said.

"The market for pure EVs is still in its infancy and volumes are rather low," he continued.

"We will carefully observe how the market develops over time, and react accordingly."

And there you have it: Consumers in Canada and Europe will not be able to buy a Chevrolet Spark EV.

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The company did issue an infographic advising California and Oregon owners how to drive and treat the Spark EV, however.

We will leave you to draw your own conclusions about whether this makes the case that the Spark EV is purely a California compliance car stronger or weaker.

Are you disappointed?

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