If early ownership experiences are to believed, there's not a lot wrong with driving a Tesla Model S.

The performance is great, it's luxurious, quiet, has a great electric range... but there's still one thing that bugs owners. One thing they wish wasn't part of the Model S ownership experience.

Yep, that's right--driving other cars. Model S owners hate it, according to a semi-serious, semi tongue-in-cheek thread on the Tesla Motors Club forum.

Owners regale each other with tales of lacking the performance and the strong regenerative braking effect from their Model S, when forced to drive another car for any reason.

Some don't like the low-quality feel of other vehicles they've driven either, particularly when it's the occasional rental car.

Amusingly, a few owners even say they've nearly run out of gas when driving internal combustion vehicles after the S--since most owners are used to waking up to a fully-charged vehicle, rather than having to fill up the tank every so often.

It seems range anxiety is as much an internal combustion thing as it is a battery thing--and goes to prove that it's only a problem if you're not used to it.

Even funnier (though perhaps not so safe) are the tales of owners accidentally leaving hybrids and gasoline vehicles running when they park up--being so used to the Model S turning itself off when you're not using the car.

These Model S owners aren't alone, of course--disappointment with internal combustion vehicles is quite a common affliction once one is used to an electric car.

You never quite realise how noisy and unrefined even the smoothest of gasoline vehicles is until you've spent some time behind the wheel of an electric equivalent.

In the meantime, electric owners will just have to make the best of the occasional gasoline vehicle they drive--and remind themselves what cars used to be like...


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