Plenty of supercar makers are getting in on the electric car act, these days.

Porsche, Ferrari and McLaren all have hybrids and plug-in hybrids on the way--McLaren's was revealed just the other day.

Then there are dedicated electric supercars, like the Rimac Concept One, or Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell.

Enough, even, to make a list of our favorites.

But we were intrigued when we saw footage from car spotter and photographer Ben Newsham, of what appears to be a Lamborghini Murcielago electric car prototype, handily parked in an electric vehicle parking spot.

That one had genuinely slipped in under our radar. Would it feature the company's now-typical all-wheel-drive system, or would it be a lightweight rear-wheel drive supercar attempt?

Would the new Italian bull be a full, battery electric car? Or perhaps it meant Lamborghini was planning to go the plug-in hybrid route, just like McLaren.

After all, drivers still get to enjoy their supercar soundtrack if there's an engine throbbing away behind them.

We were even excited to see what range of eye-searing colors the new car would come in--the prototype appeared to be painted in an interesting shade of sky blue.

But then we realized it wasn't an electric car prototype. It was a false alarm.

There'd be no plug. No prototype drivetrain, nor any speculation over just how much torque its electric motor would produce.

The car parked in the electric vehicle parking spot in the British parking lot is just a regular, gas-guzzling Lamborghini Murcielago SV.

And the driver, presumably, is a bit of a schmuck.


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