If you've ever visited a European city, you'll be familiar with the speedy footwork required to dodge the army of angry-sounding two-stroke scooters every time you cross the street.

Replacing all those with silent-running electric scooters is terrifying in many ways, though the cut in noise and tailpipe pollution would be welcome.

The Xkuty One is just such a vehicle. Made in Spain, this electric scooter promises convenience and low running costs, and apes the minimalist shape of many of the old pedal-assisted mopeds you see (and hear) careering around Europe's congested cities.

A green and white color scheme reminds us of Smart's recent two-wheelers, though the design is closer to the eBike 'pedelec' than it is the upcoming Smart electric scooter.

According to autoevolution, the simplistic scooter weighs only 99 pounds, and is powered by a 1.5 kW electric motor mounted in the rear hub.

Top speed is low, at 28 mph--though this matches typical 50cc mopeds anyway. Range is less than those mopeds at 31 miles, but a full two-hour charge should cost only pennies.

Xkuty One electric scooter [Image: Xkuty]

Xkuty One electric scooter [Image: Xkuty]

What's more, the purchase price of around €2,800 ($3,690)--or possibly cheaper, if the project takes off--means it isn't priced too far above the typical sport-style moped.

Riders can even attach an iPhone or Android phone via a special dock on the handlebars, for all the benefits that entails.

We're impressed by the little scooter's style. But how on earth do you pronounce it? Xkuty... Crosscooty? Maybe the 'X' is silent... Scooty, perhaps?

Leave your thoughts and vocalization tips below...


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