Happy birthday, Nissan Leaf!

Believe it or not, Nissan's electric car is now celebrating its second anniversary.

With only relatively small numbers on the road--smaller than Nissan was hoping, anyway--the Leaf still seems like a recently-launched vehicle.

But at Nissan's Oppama test track in Japan, the company hosted an event for Leaf owners around Japan and across the world, to celebrate the vehicle and its loyal community of owners.

As well as a parade of the few hundred cars which turned up, Nissan had concocted a Leaf-shaped cake and offered passenger rides in the Leaf Nismo RC race car.

You'll even spot some customized Leafs in the video above--just as in the U.S, where some owners autocross their car, Leaf buyers in Japan are happy to modify their cars for improved looks or performance. That even includes adjustable air suspension, as one vehicle demonstrates...

As part of the birthday celebrations, owners were shown around the manufacturing plant, where Leafs are made on the same line as some other Nissan vehicles, such as the Cube.

That included introductions to the Leaf's small, electric helpers--robots which carry Leaf batteries and other parts around the factory, to be transferred to the vehicles.

Fans of the Leaf, and the company itself, expects similar birthday celebrations to continue growing, as the car finds more owners. Next year, who knows how many will turn up?


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