Three Nissan Leafs have completed an epic road trip of over 7,700 miles as part of the 'Oranje Trophy' (Orange Trophy) road trip.

In only 42 days, the Leafs traveled through ten European countries, starting out in Amsterdam--as hinted at by the vivid shade of orange each car was painted--before passing through Europe and returning to London, just before the Olympic Games began in July.

On the way, the teams visited Poland and the Ukraine to support the Dutch team at the Euro 2012 soccer event, before heading through Russia, the North Cape in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, reaching London on July 26.

Each car was sponsored by Bridgestone, showing off the Leaf's standard-issue Bridgestone Ecopia tires.

The ultra low rolling resistance tires were specially developed for the Leaf, helping it to go as far as possible on each charge.

The distances covered in only 42 days probably wouldn't have been possible without another technology, reports (Spanish site).

Between full charges, the cars received 80 percent quick charges using a portable charger installed on a truck, allowing each car to top up its battery in only 30 minutes. That allowed the cars to travel up to 130 miles between full charges, and cover over 370 miles per day.

Nissan recommends against repeated use of quick chargers as they can shorten battery life, but for the sort of road trip detailed above, they're an invaluable asset in covering larger distances in short spaces of time.


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