Are you mulling the purchase of an electric car? Or maybe wondering about wiring in your garage, and whether it would handle a plug-in car charging station?

Do we have a webinar for you!

This Thursday, May 24, electric-car advocates Plug-In America are holding a free webinar titled, "Everything You Wanted To Know About Charging Stations But Were Afraid To Ask The Salesperson."

It'll kick off at 5 pm Pacific / 8 pm Eastern, and if you're interested, you should register here.

PIA says the webinar is an overview of the various different available charging solutions. The description notes,

At some locations, a simple household outlet is not only all that’s required, but also the best solution. In other cases, a 240-Volt charging station is more appropriate, but what’s the difference between stations that cost $1,000 and those that cost $7,000?

At the top of the charging spectrum are DC Fast Charge stations that cost between $10,000 and $100,000. Why choose one over another?

(Individuals who buy electric cars won't be installing DC fast chargers in their garages any time soon, but they may well use them on the road for longer trips.)

The webinar is aimed at a wide audience, from potential electric-car buyers to municipal or commercial site managers looking to provide charging stations for employees or customers.

It'll cover the basics of the different alternatives, what they may cost, and what you should consider as you decide on which alternative is best for you.

Best of all, PIA promises that the experts who will present during the webinar "are not trying to sell you anything."


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