Ask most 10-year old girls what they do in their spare time, and the chances are they’ll give you a list including various extra-curricular clubs, playing with weebos, and watching television.

But a 10-year old girl from Michigan by the name of Allison Ringold has something else to add to her list: promoting electric cars. 

While we’re sure Ringold has plenty of other interests on her list, the 5th grader from Michigan has built an entire website detailing the history of the electric car as her entry into the National History Day of 2012.

Entitled “What Was Old Is New Again,” the mini website covers the history of the electric car from its early origins through to modern day electric cars like the 2012 Nissan Leaf and 2012 Chevrolet Volt.

Admittedly, Ringold’s website is hardly comprehensive, but her extensive research, carefully-cited evidence and well-presented website are better than some high school -- and even undergraduate -- papers we’ve seen.

Ringold isn’t the first member of her family to support electric cars however. 

Allison Ringold's Electric Car Website

Allison Ringold's Electric Car Website

Her aunt and uncle, Amy and Mark Swain, are both active members of Plug-in America and daily electric car drivers.

Not only did the Swains lease a Mini E from BMW as part of its two-year Mini E test program in the U.S., but Mark Swain was one of several Californian electric car enthusiasts chosen by General Motors to be on the Chevy Volt Customer Advisory Board. 

Ringold’s website hasn't been officially judged by the National History Day 2012 judges yet, but given the more than 100 comments she’s received so far on her website, we think it’s already a winner. 

Is she the next Chelsea Sexton? Possibly, but we know one thing for sure.

If every 10-year old can get this enthused about green transport, our future will be a better place. 


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