Ford’s continuing drive towards smaller capacity, direct-injected, turbocharged, fuel efficient engines continued today as it announced yet more Ford cars and trucks will get EcoBoost engine options during 2012. 

Moreover, Ford claims that by the end of the year, nine of its production vehicles will achieve gas mileages greater than 40 mpg, putting it well on the way to achieving the  2016 Corporate Average Fuel Economy target of 36 mpg. 

Big And Small 

Ford’s expanded production of EcoBoost vehicles -- expected to reach 384,000 in 2012 from just under 128,000 in 2011-- won’t just be aimed at Ford’s compact and subcompact cars. 

ford ecoboost range 011

ford ecoboost range 011

Instead, Ford says its EcoBoost technology will be spread out across eleven different vehicles, covering everything from subcompacts up to its pickup truck range. 

And that’s going to continue to bring good fuel economy to thousands of self-employed workers and small businesses who drive a Ford pickup truck every day. 

One of the best-selling vehicles of last year, 56 percent of all sales of Ford's F150 light-duty pickup truck were powered by either its base-level 305-horsepower, 3.7-liter V-6 engine, or its 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine.  Both engines produce around 23 mpg on the highway, but a year earlier, every single F150 sold came with a gas-guzzling V-8 that struggled to get 19.

Full-Size And Fast

Ford is keen to point out that its direct-injection, turbocharged engines won’t just be about fuel saving. They'll also be fun, and powerful.

The first Ford vehicle to offer not one, but two EcoBoost engines, the 2013 Ford Taurus will prove this point nicely. One of the EcoBoost engine choices -- a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder -- will offer 237 horsepower and up to 31 mpg, making the Taurus a class-leader in fuel economy. The other EcoBoost engine option will feature a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V-6 capable of producing 365 horsepower. As well as providing impressive performance, Ford says this engine option will deliver 25 mpg on the highway. 

Even Ford’s sporty compact, the 2013 Focus ST, will get an EcoBoost makeover, although Ford hasn’t said what type of gas mileage will be possible.

ford ecoboost range 007

ford ecoboost range 007

Green Police

The police aren't left out either, with the Interceptor -- Ford’s custom-designed cop car -- also getting an EcoBoost makeover. 

Ford claims this will be the first time in history that it has offered a turbocharged vehicle to police forces, but hasn’t detailed if the EcoBoost option will be offered in the 2013 Interceptor Sedan, the 2013 Interceptor SUV, or both. 


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