Corporate Average Fuel Economy

  • EPA Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler

    The Senate on Thursday confirmed acting EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler to head the agency. Since Wheeler became the acting administrator last July, he has released plans to unwind rising emissions and attendant fuel economy standards enacted under President Obama, and to rescind California's half-century-old authority to set tighter emissions standards than the federal government. He's moved twice to loosen emissions standards on coal-fired powerplants and promoted "clean coal" at a U.N. global-warming conference in Poland in December, and axed the EPA's office of the science advisor. DON'T...

  • Freeway, Los Angeles, 2009 (photo by Myriam Thyes via Wikimedia)
    EPA cuts off fuel-economy talks with California

    The Trump administration has ended talks with California aimed at settling their differences over increasing fuel economy and tightening emissions regulations, Reuters reported Thursday, citing an unnamed government official. In August, the EPA, led by Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler, released...

  • 2019 Ford Ranger
    Ford investigates its own fuel-economy testing methods

    Ford announced on Thursday that it opened an investigation into the fuel economy testing it does to receive official EPA ratings and federal certification to sell its vehicles in the U.S. The company plans to start by retesting its 2019 Ranger midsize pickup, after employees raised concerns through...

  •  2019 Ram 1500 North Edition
    Mileage or money? Fiat Chrysler pays for missing fuel economy targets

    It turns out there's more than one way for automakers to meet fuel-economy targets. One is to develop and sell more fuel-efficient cars and trucks. The other—as demonstrated over the years by quite a few automakers—is to pay fuel economy fines to the U.S. Treasury as a course of doing...

  • Exhaust emissions from tailpipe [photo: Simone Ramella, 2005, used under Creative Commons 2.0]
    Oil industry funding supports campaign to roll back fuel-economy rules

    A new investigative report by the New York Times has revealed the puppeteer pulling the strings in the Trump administration's efforts to undo fuel-economy and emissions improvements: no surprise, the oil industry. Backed by America's largest refiners and organizations tied to or funded by the Koch...

  • Traffic at the I-10 & I-405 interchange in Los Angeles, California (by Mario Roberto Duran Ortiz)
    California girds for battle with EPA over fuel economy

    Last Friday, California released a 400-page repudiation of the Trump administration's plan to freeze fuel economy standards and revoke California's statutory right to set its own limits on vehicle emissions. The report comes in response to the EPA and NHTSA's proposed Safer Affordable Fuel...

  • EPA Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler

    Readers who want to make their voices heard in objection to (or support of) the EPA proposal to freeze fuel economy standards have until tomorrow to get their comments in. The EPA proposed in early August to undo Obama-era rules requiring cars to reach increasingly stringent fuel-economy targets through 2025. Called the Safer Affordable Fuel-Efficient Vehicles Rule, the proposal would freeze the standards at 2020 levels through 2026. Although cars have already become more efficient, the upcoming years were expected to extend such efficiency gains to light trucks, such as pickups and large...

  • Chevrolet Bolt EV being charged outside Go Forth electric-car showroom, Portland   [photo: Forth]
    California considers boosting electric-car rebate to $4,500

    The California Air Resources Board will discuss Thursday and Friday raising the state's electric vehicle rebate to offset the expiration of federal tax credits for the two largest electric-carmakers, Tesla and GM. The state offers a $2,500 subsidy for electric-car purchases. CARB is considering...

  • EPA Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler
    Commentary: How to make your voice heard on fuel economy freeze

    Drivers are not helpless in the face of government plans to roll back fuel economy standards. A joint August proposal from the EPA and NHTSA to freeze planned increases in fuel economy standards is out for public comments until Oct. 23. Public comments can make a difference. DON'T MISS: Trump...

  • Exhaust emissions from tailpipe [photo: Simone Ramella, 2005, used under Creative Commons 2.0]
    California meets with federal regulators over fuel-economy rollback

    Trump administration officials met with California regulators Wednesday to discuss the EPA and NHTSA's proposal to freeze fuel economy and emissions standards from 2020 through 2026. The proposal would rescind scheduled increases planned under the Obama administration, which would have raised...

  • Teaser for Pininfarina Battista debuting at 2019 Geneva auto show
    Best deals on green cars, Tesla scrutiny, Swiss stop diesels, EPA pushback: Today's Car News

    The SEC issues subpoenas to Tesla over CEO Elon Musk's plan to take the company private. Switzerland halts registrations of some diesels from Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. New records show internal pushback at the EPA over freezing fuel-economy regulations. And we run down the best deals on green cars...

  • Gas pump
    EPA staff disputed fuel-economy freeze would save lives

    What's $132 billion between regulators? Such is the breadth of the discrepancy between the estimates of what the government's final proposal to roll back fuel-economy standards would save American drivers, and what EPA staffers said it would cost. A Reuters report on Tuesday revealed comments from...

  • Smog over Los Angeles, courtesy Flickr user steven-buss

    President Donald Trump and federal officials on Thursday formally proposed scaling back Obama-era regulations for fuel economy and cited safety concerns that lighter, more fuel-efficient cars would be more dangerous on American roadways. The 978-page proposal outlines federal guidelines to freeze emissions standards at 2020 levels and potentially sets up a showdown with states over long-running rules that let California and 13 other states adopt more stringent pollution standards. California and 16 other states have already launched a preemptive lawsuit in case the Trump administration rolled...

  • EPA Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler
    Report: Trump administration set to roll back emissions regulations as early as next week

    The rollback of federal emissions and fuel economy standards that President Donald Trump promised during his campaign could be released as early as next week, according to a new Bloomberg report. A person familiar with the matter told Bloomberg that the administration will roll out proposals from...

  • Smog over Los Angeles, courtesy Flickr user steven-buss
    Report: Trump EPA plans to cancel California emissions waiver

    The EPA is planning to cancel the special waiver that California has relied on since 1970 to set its own emissions standards, according to a Bloomberg report. As part of its plan to reverse a program to steadily tighten fuel economy standards that it coordinates with California and the National...

  • EPA administrator Scott Pruitt  [photo from 2014]
    CFA study shows better gas mileage standards offset cost of modern safety tech

    Cars that get good gas mileage aren't unsafe. In fact, gas savings have more than paid for safety improvements in modern cars, as well as for the technology needed to make the gains in fuel economy.

  • Smog over Los Angeles, courtesy Flickr user steven-buss
    Draft EPA memo freezes fuel economy standards at 42 mpg through 2026

    Rather than continue to ratchet standards up to 54.5 mpg by 2025, as the current law requires, the new proposal would stall out fuel economy increases at just short of 42 mpg in 2020, and hold them there through 2026.

  • President Donald Trump (Photo courtesy Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons)
    Trump loses court battle to roll back automaker gas mileage fines

    Automakers may complain about rising gas mileage standards, but as several have proved over the years, they don't always have to meet them. Another strategy, employed regularly over the years by a few automakers is to ignore the fuel economy standards and just pay the penalties for missing them...

  • Gas pump

    The four choices included are: The same as set by the Obama Administration (59.4 mpg), an even higher level, the minimum 35 mpg required by Congress under the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act, or at some lower level down to and including repealing Corporate Average Fuel Economy rules altogether.

  • Gas pump
    Carmakers want emission, CAFE tweaks, not huge rollbacks, but won't say so publicly

    As promised, the Trump administration has embarked on regulatory rollbacks across many fronts, some immediate and others taking longer. It remains unclear whether the EPA's plan to loosen carbon-dioxide emission limits for 2022 through 2025 vehicles will survive inevitable court challenges...

  • Gas pump
    EPA does not set fuel-economy limits: get this right, journalists!

    Journalism as an industry is under great pressure these days. There are far more people writing "content" than in past decades, and in general they are having to produce more of it for less money than they did 10, 20, or 50 years ago. That's no excuse, however, for getting the basics wrong. DON'T...

  • 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 outside the Detroit auto show
    Why trucks aren't a CAFE problem for carmakers, despite their lobbying claims

    The automakers claimed that the standards were unrealistic given that consumers are flocking to crossovers and pickup trucks as gas prices remain low. According to a new report by the American Council for an Energy Efficient economy, and to our own analysis, trucks aren't the reason.

  • Chrome exhaust pipe
    8 things you should know about EPA plan to let cars emit more (cutting fuel economy as well)

    EPA administrator Scott Pruitt said yesterday the agency plans to modify rules limiting carbon-dioxide emissions for light-duty vehicles in model years 2022 through 2025. The agency, he said, had reached a determination that the limits put in place in 2012 under the Obama administration were...

  • Gas pump
    Auto parts suppliers support current fuel-economy rules, overwhelmingly: survey

    As the auto industry and environmental groups count down the days until the NHTSA releases proposals to revise fuel-economy standards, surveys show one industry wants the standards to stay just as they are. That is the auto-parts supply industry, according to a study released Thursday morning by...