2012 Ford F150 EcoBoost

  • 2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

    Just like cars, pickup trucks are under increasing legislative pressure to offer more efficient, higher gas-mileage options to buyers. For Ford, that’s meant offering its popular F150 full-size pickup truck with a V-6 EcoBoost engine to help gas mileage as well as reinstating a standard V-6 engine option, choices that have become extremely popular with Ford customers. But as it contemplates it next generation pickups, General Motors knows that turbocharged V-6 engines is the only way to get better gas mileage out of pickups. Talking with Automotive News (subscription required) last...

  • Ford EcoBoost engine
    Ford Expands EcoBoost Range, Improves Gas Mileage For Everyone

    Ford’s continuing drive towards smaller capacity, direct-injected, turbocharged, fuel efficient engines continued today as it announced yet more Ford cars and trucks will get EcoBoost engine options during 2012. Moreover, Ford claims that by the end of the year, nine of its production...

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