There’s just over one week left until Christmas, so we hope you’ve done most of your gift shopping to spare you that last-minute holiday rush. 

But have you got a present for your favorite hybrid car driver? Last week, we told you about our Five Holiday Gift Ideas For Electric Car Drivers, and today it’s time to turn our attention to those who drive hybrid cars.

Keep Calm And Drive On T-Shirt - From $19

If you know someone who drive a Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid, and who happens to have a sense of humor, this fun T-Shirt is for them. 

Combining an Internet meme -- which itself started off life as a second-world war home front propaganda poster in the U.K. -- with a reaction to the unfortunate NHTSA Chevrolet Volt crash-test fires, we have to admit we want one ourselves. 

The Keep Calm And Drive On T-Shirt is the perfect way for any Volt driver to show the world that they’re not worried about combustible battery packs... and to remind them how they should drive to ensure that they’re not the first public Volt fire victim. 

Scan Gauge II Automotive Computer - From $122

If the hybrid driver in your life is obsessed with how many miles per gallon they can eek out of their hybrid car, this gift is for them. 

Plugging into the on-board diagnostic port found on every car made in the last fifteen years or so, the ScanGauge II works as a 3-in-1 automotive computer, offering a multifunction trip computer, diagnostic scan tool and 37 different digital gauges.

Scan Gauge II

Scan Gauge II

In fact, it can display a car’s instantaneous, average, maximum and trip fuel economy to three significant figures. That makes it more accurate than many built-in trip computers. 

And because it’s more accurate -- as well as offering a cost-per-mile instantaneous calculation feature -- the ScanGague II can help hybrid drivers get even better gas mileage. 

If that wasn’t enough, it can also read diagnostic information on any car, keeping its owner one-step ahead of any unscrupulous mechanics or dealers when it comes to repairs. 

Engine Block Heater - From $59

We all know that short trips -- especially in the winter -- put extra strain on a car’s engine, increasing engine wear and reducing gas mileage.

Normally used in colder climates to help keep the engine block and oil inside the engine warm, engine block heaters prevent engines from freezing solid in extreme cold and facilitate cold-starting, but they also help reduce engine warm-up times, reducing engine wear, emissions and improving fuel efficiency. 

We’ve listed a Toyota Prius engine block heater, but you should be able to find block heaters for every Hybrid produced over the past ten years. 

Hybrid Wall Art

Hybrid Wall Art

Hybrid Wall Art - From $29

Of our five gift ideas, this is probably the most bizarre hybrid gift we’ve ever seen (and we’ve seen a lot). It comes courtesy of Wallmonkeys, a company that specializes in vinyl wall-graphics for the home. 

And while we’re not sure it’s to everyone’s tastes, this large digital graphic of the inside of a 2004-2009 Toyota Prius Engine bay is sure to et some hybrid fans excited, especially if they happen to have a large, open-plan office or super-chic lounge. 

Available in 18x14 inch, 24x18 inch, or 36x 27 inch sizes, the detailed print is certainly unique, although we’d prefer a canvas print of an entire hybrid instead. 

Matchbox 2012 Fisker Karma - From $3

Fisker Karma Toy

Fisker Karma Toy

We’ve already established that the Fisker Karma Plug-in Hybrid is a sexy car, right? But the problem is that it’s also a very expensive car -- $106,000 to be precise. 

But if your hybrid-driving loved-one wants one, why not buy them this 1:64 Scale model? Produced by Matchbox toys, this particular Fisker Karma comes with its own garage and we presume won’t cost quite as much to look after as the real thing. 

And the best bit? The lucky recipient can say they own a 100 percent zero emissions Fisker Karma. 

What would you choose?

We’ve given you our top five gift ideas for this year for Hybrid drivers, but we’re keen to know if we’ve missed anything out. 

What would you buy a Hybrid driver? And if you drive a hybrid, what great hybrid-themed gifts have you received in the past? 

Let us know in the Comments below.


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