You'll no doubt have heard of Greenpeace. The high-profile, occasionally militant green organization very much believes in action over words when it comes to coercing companies into considering the environment.

Volkswagen too is well-known, as one of the world's largest car producers, supplier of clean diesels like the 2012 Volkswagen Jetta TDI and favorite of earth-orientated folks back in the 1960s, producing Bugs and brightly-colored "passion wagons".

So what relevance does Star Wars have? Well, the latest protest from Greenpeace UK is aimed at car giant Volkswagen, and they've chosen to do it in Star Wars Stormtrooper costumes. Naturally.

Governments and carmakers are currently in agreements that will see average European car carbon emissions being reduced to just 95 grams per kilometer - around a 20 to 30 percent reduction by 2020.

Volkswagen has apparently been resisting these reductions and Greenpeace thinks it should do more, as the biggest car company in Europe. As such, Greenpeace has started a Star Wars-themed alliance against the Volkswagen "dark side", with a video parodying Volkswagen's Darth Vader superbowl ad.

Volkswagen already sells several vehicles in Europe that get close to, and beat the 95 g/km CO2 targets in its BlueMotion range, but at only 6 percent of its total output, Greenpeace doesn't see that as enough.

Whether it's Volkswagen's fault if they're producing low-emission vehicles but people aren't buying them in huge numbers is open to debate, but VW is apparently resisting more than other makers any attempts to reduce overall emissions.

Volkswagen's lowest emitting car in Europe is currently the Polo BlueMotion, with a 1.2 TDI engine that puts out only 91 g/km, and does 67 mpg on the European combined cycle. BlueMotion versions of the new Up! minicar should also dip under 100 g/km.

VW is refusing to talk with Greenpeace and the automaker didn't turn up to the latest climate change conference in Belgium, though we can't help wondering what message Greenpeace is sending out dressing up in the "enemy's" uniforms...

The Greenpeace manifesto against Volkswagen can be found on the VWdarkside website.