If you're an electric car fan with a keen wit and an ear for a catchy slogan, then a new competition run by CalCars and Plugincars.com could see you rewarded for your skills.

As the two plug-in car organizations point out, encouraging people into electric cars is all about getting people to give the concept a chance, hooking them with something they then discover they can't live without.

It often takes more than gentle persuasion so a memorable, catchy one-liner could be just what the electric and plug-in hybrid movement needs to help spur consumers on.

If your one-liner is "insanely great" and has what it takes, then not only will you be rewarded by seeing it everywhere as a figurehead of the pro-EV message, but there are other prizes on offer too.

The winner will get two VIP tickets to Plug In America's (PIA) Annual Gala event on Sunday, November 13 at Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay. There you'll test drive brand new, as-yet unreleased electric cars and motorcycles. If you don't live nearby, you'll be sent a DVD of "Who Killed The Electric Car?", a tote bag and a copy of PIA's 2012 Plug-In Car guide when it comes out.

You can enter on the Plugincars.com website where there are already some gems appearing such as "Plug-ins: No filling, no drilling, no spilling!" and "AC/DC = All Cars Deserve Charge".

Think you can do better? You have until Friday, November 11 at noon Pacific Time to post your slogan below the Plugincars article.


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