A few weeks back we nominated the diminutive Think City electric car as one of the five electric cars you’ll still be able to buy in five years’ time -- despite the roller-coaster fortunes of the firm which makes it. 

Arguing that the Think City had certain Blattodean qualities when it came to surviving against the odds, we predicted it would be on sale soon after its new owner took the helm

It turns out we were right. 

We received a forward of a sales email sent to customers in the New York area yesterday, announcing that the 2011 Think City is now available for sale in the Northeast. 

The email contains no details of price, specification or warranty. It also doesn’t detail if the car is still eligible for the $7,500 federal tax rebate. 

It reads as follows: 

“Thanks so much for your patience; just a note to let you know that the 2011 THINK City EV is now available for sale in the Northeast.  Our Clean Cities Coalition in Syracuse has just taken delivery of a demo vehicle; and THINK North America is currently setting up a service/support dealer as we move forward.”

Think City assembly plant, Elkhart, Indiana, Jan 2011

Think City assembly plant, Elkhart, Indiana, Jan 2011

The eagle-eyed reader may note that the email isn’t from Think North America -- it’s from the Clean Cities Coalition of Central New York (CC-CNY). 

We’ve been unable to ascertain if that means the CC-CNY has taken charge of selling some of the large number of unsold 2011 Think City cars from liquidated stock, or if that means it has become an official dealer.

We do know for sure however, that CC-CNY is offering cars for sale. 

The email continues: “If  you have an immediate interest in one of the remaining MY 2011 vehicles; please contact our program manager”, along with contact details for what we presume is a salesperson. 

We can’t give you any more information on this news at present, but as soon as we do have any more information, we’ll let you know. 



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