If you’re an electric car owner living within the many hundreds of publicly available electric vehicle charging stations installed by Coulomb Technologies then you may be interested in what the infrastructure company has planned to celebrate Earth Day 2011. 

As part of the celebrations, Coulomb has announced it will send electric car owners free ChargePass cards through the month of April 2011, waiving the usual sign-up fee. 

Coulomb is one of the oldest and most established electric vehicle infrastructure firms, being one of the firms responsible for providing charging stations to previous generation electric cars such as the GM EV1 and previous generation Toyota RAV4 EV.

Coulomb Technologies CT-2000 electric vehicle charging station

Coulomb Technologies CT-2000 electric vehicle charging station

The Coulomb network of charging stations covers a variety of types, from publicly available Level 2 J1772 compatible units and inductive paddle charging stations for older vehicles through to level 3 rapid chargers for use with cars like the 2011 Nissan Leaf and 2012 Mitsubishi i. 

The free ChargePass cards are a welcome gesture from one of the largest electric vehicle infrastructure networks in the U.S. today, but be aware that the decision to charge for electricity used currently resides with the firm or municipality responsible for the upkeep of the station and not with Coulomb. 

In other words, some stations will charge you for charging up, while others will not. 

Regardless of that fact however, we think anyone who owns an electric car will want to save the Coulomb registration fee and have a free card to hand just in case.  To obtain your free card, head to Coulomb’s special offer website before the end of April. 

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