The electric vehicle revolution took a major step towards becoming a reality with the Senate Energy Committee approving today a new $3.6 billion bill to support the development of plug-in electric vehicles through a series of deployment communities to be set up around the country.

These ‘communities’ are to include targeted incentive programs for EVs as well as charging infrastructure, possibly at fuel stations, designed to make EVs more appealing to new car buyers. This would be on top of the billions already spent on green funding, including $2.4 billion in grants for EV and battery development, as well as the nationwide $7,500 tax credit for purchases of new EVs.

Unfortunately, this is just the first round of hurdles that the bill must pass. There’s still some doubt as the Senate Democrats are debating whether to include EV funding in a different energy bill that goes to Congress for review next month.

The end goal is to have nearly half of all vehicles, cars and trucks, electrified by 2030, which if achieved would cut the country’s demand for oil by roughly a third.

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