BMW has been steadily working on both hybrid and electric vehicles.  The company has introduced a few hybrids and is working on others for release soon.  The next hybrid offering from the company appears to be based off of the newly introduced 5 Series sedan.

Some photos have made their way out and they show a BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Series concept that is expected to debut at the Geneva Auto Show next week.  It's expected that the 5 Series hybrid will utilize the same or a similar powertrain to the mild hybrid setup found in the ActiveHybrid 7.

Reports state that the ActiveHybrid 5 will receive an electric motor with more oomph than that of the 7.  According to the reports, the ActiveHybrid 5 will likely be outfitted with a 40 kW motor, substantially more powerful that the 15 kW found in the 7.

With the upgrade electric motor and hallmark BMW inline 6, this hybrid should provide strong acceleration and great fuel efficiency.

Look for more updates after the debut of the ActiveHybrid 5 in Geneva

Source:  AutoBlogGreenGreen Car Reports